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In Shadows and Conspiracies…

Erik leaned forward, his eyes straining to pierce the darkness beyond the fire’s dying light.  He spoke with a hoarse whisper, fearing the enemy was ever listening. “So you have heard my plans. What say you, dear cousin?  I shall forge ahead regardless, but it is always best to have a trusted friend at your back.”  His arm stretched out, the fingers of his hand slightly trembling.

Gabe sat for a moment, taking in all he’d just heard.  The odds were stacked against them, rebellion could easily bring with it, dire consequences.  But he had been moved by his cousin’s words.  The seed of defiance had been planted, quickly taken root and was already sprouted.  Without another thought or word, he reached out and grasped the offered hand. The bond was made.

With a nod and slight smile, Erik rose, his eyes continuing to scan the quiet night. “Come, cousin, the fire pit is almost out and the cold night closes in.  I’ve drink aplenty inside and we’ve a long night planning the revolution.”

Out in the darkness the enemy watched as the cousins entered the house, an uncomfortable feeling growing in the pit of its stomach.  It had been a long time since it had felt such fear…

“One can always trust a man with a well-groomed beard” -Honest Abe